Fleur de café is the product of a vision by Charlotte Robert, who visited Costa Rica in 1999  and was amazed by the coffee plant flower’s fresh and strong fragrance,  which is rich like jasmine.  Here, she immediately thought about making a perfume out of these beautiful flowers.
Ms. Robert assembled a team of experts in various areas to help her develop the extraction technology, formulation and packaging capacity, marketing and distribution, and the necessary business model to bring the product to market in a careful, well-planned way.


Costa Rica is known worldwide for its exceptional coffee, and was decidedly an optimal place to establish the business.Costa Rica’s capital city includes most of the country’s industries and laboratories. In addition, here lies the heart of the coffee growing area, and most of the expertise and needed services could be found nearby.


Lastly, with approximately 1.5 million tourists annually and the highest per-capita income in the region, a market could be developed.




Costa Rica is a peaceful country and is known for the beauty of its beaches, mountains and volcanoes. Its flora and fauna is considered one of the richest of the world and is one of the principal international tourism destinations.


This is how Fleur de Café, Ltda was born. After five years of research and testing, Mountain Blossom was created. The perfume was developed with a leading perfumer, who has worked for many internationally-renowned brands. She has 15 years of experience in the fragrance industry  and has created successful fragrances for companies such as Kenneth Cole, Estee Lauder, Coty, Bath and Body Works and Avon.


Every year, in March, coffee flowers are harvested  in La Arcelia Coffee Plantation in Tuetal, Alajuela. Blooming lasts only one day and the essence has to be immediately extracted in order to  elaborate this exclusive  world-class perfume.