mountain blossom

is a world-class perfume.  It is the first cosmetic product  to consist of the natural essence of coffee flowers.  It is typical of Costa Rica:  exotic as its tropical beaches, and natural and airy as its mountains.




A year later, the body lotion was created to allow for continued enjoyment of this exquisite fragrance, and to provide more smoothnes to the skin.





In 2010, we are bringing you the body mist; it captures the exotic essence of the coffee blooms in a refreshing, young and light fragrance.mountain blossom by fleur de café

  • Dynamic, feminine, young and daring
  • International quality and excellent price
  • A novelty
  • mountain blossom is the essence of Costa Rica

Find it in the gift shops of the main hotels in the country as well as in the International Airport, Libreria Internacional and other stores in Costa Rica